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Gustav A.H.H. Becker

Gustav A.H.H. Becker (? - ?) was a german capitain of Laeisz who took command of the Pamir from April to December 1912.

Start End Lasted Comment (1)
20.04.1912 23.04.1912 3 d Antwerp, Lizard Point
23.04.1912 27.07.1912 95 d Lizard Point, Valparaíso
23.08.1912 29.08.1912 6 d Valparaíso, Iquique
15.09.1912 07.12.1912 83 d Iquique, Lizard Point
07.12.1912 12.12.1912 5 d Lizard Point, Hamburg
Captain Becker arrived on 5 April the 5th, 1912 with the three-masts full ship Parchim at Hambourg and one week later was sent to Antwerp to take command of the Pamir.

On August 8th, 1912, the logbook reports a theft occured in the night. Captain Becker accuses the third officer of having slept.


(1) Heinz Burmester (DSM)

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