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Johannes Diebitsch

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Johannes Diebitsch (12/06/1896 - 21/09/1957) boarded once on the Pamir as the Captain, for her last voyage in 1957 ().

Johannes Diebitsch, 06/1957, Hamburg

He already boarded as an ordinary seaman in 1914 and spent the War at Santa Cruz de La Palma ().

He was the second and then the first officer on the schoolship Deutschland from march 1928 until march 1931.

J. Diebitsch prisoner in Australia 1941 (7)

Johannes Diebitsch on the Xarifa (8)

From august 1953 until april 1954, he was the captain of the Xarifa during the shooting of the movie Unternehmen Xarifa (Under the Caribbean) from Hans Haas.

Johannes Diebitsch

During WWII, he was sub-lieutenant aboard the Kormoran, auxiliary cruiser which sank the Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney.


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Johannes Diebitsch, 06/1957, Hamburg

Johannes Diebitsch, 06/1957 (9)

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