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Robert Karl Miethe

Robert Karl Miethe
Robert Karl Miethe (28/07/1877 - 07/04/1975) was a German captain of Laeisz who commanded the Pamir from May 1911 to February 1912 ().

Start End Last Comment (1)
23.05.1911 xx.05.1911 x d Hamburg, Antwerp
22.06.1911 29.06.1911 95 d Antwerp, Lizard Point
29.06.1911 11.09.1911 74 d Lizard Point, Valparaíso
xx.09.1911 xx.09.1911 xx d Valparaíso, Iquique
25.10.1911 29.01.1912 96 d Iquique, Lizard Point
29.01.1912 06.02.1912 8 d Lizard Point, Hamburg

Robert Miethe ? on the Potosi

From 1912 until 1914, he commanded the Potosi.

Robert Karl Miethe on the Potosi (3)

From 1914 until 1920 he was interned at Valparaíso, then he passed his certificate as captain for the Chilean navy.

Robert Karl Miethe in 1939 (3)

On 26/01/1920 President Emilio Sanfuentes awarded him the Chilean nationality.

Robert Miethe (on left) on the Potosi in 1914 (2b)

Robert Karl Miethe and his wife
Margarethe Benrath in 1905 (2b)

He sailed on steamers until 1942.


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