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Jochim Hans Hinrich Nissen

Hinrich Nissen and his daughter, Heiligenhafen, 19xx (3)
Jochim Hans Hinrich Nissen (Heiligenhafen 1862 - Hamburg 1943) learn life at sea as a cabin boy with his father Christian on the schooner Dorothea.

Later, he seconded the second and the captain on several sailboats of the Laeisz's P-line.

With the five-masted Potosi Nissen undertook eight trips to South America in 1903. He passed Cape Horn on several occasions.

Date Commandments (5)
1890 Diploma at the navigation school of
1892 Officer on the bark Plus
1897 Captain of the Parchim
1901 Captain of the Pisagua
1902-1903 Captain of the Pitlochry
1903-1909 Captain of the Potosi
1909-1910 Captain of the Preussen
1911 Captain of the Peking
1914 Captain of the Perkeo
1924-1926 Captain of the Pamir

In 1909, he was captain of the Preussen. In 1910, he sank, struck in the fog by the steamer Brighton at Dover in the English Channel. It was his third trip on the Preussen. He and the crew and part of the cargo were saved.

In 1924, aged 61, Captain Nissen took over the Pamir in Genoa (3) and took him back to Hamburg, where he was repaired and equipped with a radio station.

Hinrich Nissen, 19xx (4)
Begin End Lasted Comment (1)
10.05.1924 13.05.1924 3 d Hamburg, Lizard Point
13.05.1924 23.07.1924 71 d Lizard Point, San Antonio
xx.xx.1924 xx.xx.1924 x d San Antonio, Valparaíso
xx.xx.1924 xx.xx.1924 x d Valparaíso, Iquique
xx.xx.1924 xx.xx.1924 103 d Iquique, Lizard Point
xx.xx.1925 xx.xx.1925 x d Lizard Point, Ostende
02.02.1925 09.02.1925 7 d Ostende, Hambourg

He then commanded the Pamir from May 1924 to December 1925 ( ).

He retired in 1926.


(1) Heinz Burmester (DSM)

(2) Fünfmaster Preußen
(2a) Fünfmaster Preußen

(3) Pamir, Eigel Wiese

(4) Viermastbark Pamir, Karl-Otto Dummer

(5) Lars Bruzelius

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