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Carl Matthias Ernst Prützmann

Carl M.E. Prüzmann
Carl Matthias Ernst Prützmann (17/03/1864 Zingst - 30/05/1929 Bad Ems) was a german captain, the first in command of the Pamir.

He goes to sea as he left school then got his captain's licence on 23/04/1894 and took command of several Laeisz ships.

Ship Begin End Comment (2)
Paposo 13.09.1897 01.04.1898
Paposo 12.06.1898 30.12.1898
Pampa 23.03.1899 08.01.1900 Valparaiso, Iquique
Pampa 18.04.1900 05.11.1900 Valparaiso, Iquique
Pampa 05.01.1901 28.07.1901
Pampa 19.10.1901 06.05.1902
Petschili 03.03.1903 xx.xx.1903
Petschili 19.07.1903 17.01.1904 Valparaiso, Iquique
Petschili 03.04.1904 15.11.1904 Valparaiso, Iquique
Petschili 21.01.1905 22.06.1906 Talcahuano
Pamir 03.11.1905 29.05.1906 () Valparaíso, Iquique
Pamir 27.07.1906 09.04.1907 () Valparaíso, Tocopilla
Pamir 07.07.1907 10.04.1908 () Valparaíso, Tocopilla

'I always thought Pamir the peak achievement of merchant sailing-ship design, particularly when sailing to windward.'

Captain Carl Martin Prutzmann. (4)

On October the 18th 1905, he took command of the Pamir for her maiden voyage () and left Hambourg on November the 3rd 1905 bound for Valparaíso then Iquique.

'Providing the seas were not too big she would regularly reach her maximum speed of 16 knots and had no problem averaging nine on the nitrate run. She was no flyer but I always felt safe in her. In my experience, Pamir was a sea-kindly ship.'

Captain Carl Martin Prutzmann. (4)

On July the 25th 1906, he left Hambourg for the second voyage () of the Pamir bound for Valparaíso then Tocopilla.

Carl M.E. Prüzmann (0)

»Sie ist ein 13-Knoten-Schiff.«

"She is a 13-knots ship."

Captain Carl Martin Prutzmann. (3) (5)

On July the 7th 1907, he left Hambourg for the third voyage () of the Pamir bound for Valparaíso then Tocopilla.

In 1908, he stays on land and returns to Zingst for local activities.


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