Finland, flag

First voyage

Finnish Crews (1931-1939)

1937 (Ref.)
From left to right: ??, OS Jensen, G. Eklund, H. Karlsson, Carpenter Ingmar Fredriksson ().

1938 (Ref.)

1938 (Ref.)

Edward S. Livingston

As a marine officer (39-45) (Ref.)

1935-36 (Ref.)

A british seaman aboard the Pamir in 1935-1936 and maybe in 1933 at Belfast.

1935-36 (Ref.)

During WWII, he was an officer aboard a merchant ship. Captured by a german war ship, he succeeded his escape and then reached England.

New Zealand, flag

New Zealand Crews (1939-1948)

Finland, flag

Finnish Crews after 1948

Karl Ake Liewendahl

Stanley Orr (at the helm) and Ake Liewendahl
1942 © J. Churchouse
Ake Liewendahl was the second mate of the Pamir when she was seized by New Zealand ().

Ake Liewendahl 1942 © J. Churchouse

He accepted the position of third mate for the first voyage to San Francisco ().

Ceremony of reversion, 12/11/1948
Ake Liewendahl on right © J. Churchouse
He took possession of the Pamir in the name of Erikson and Finland in 1949.

William Sprague & Ake Liewendahl
Port Victoria 1949 © J. Churchouse

He took the sea for a last voyage on the Pamir in 1949 ().

Passengers Mrs Molly Liewendahl & May Smyth

Mrs Molly Liewendahl (FI) & May Smyth (NZ)
1949 SAMM
Ref. .

May Smyth (NZ) 1949 SAMM

Ake & Molly Liewendahl, Verner Björkfelt
May & David Smyth 1949 © SAMM

May & David Smyth, Verner Björkfelt
Ake & Molly Liewendahl 1949 Wellington

Germany, flag

The last crew

The Pamir