Wallaroo was one of the australian grain loading points, distributed along the Spencer Gulf, situated on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

Wallaroo away (3)

Copper mine

In 1859, a shepherd found copper in Moonta that made the wealth of the city.

The jetty (3)

The jetty (3)
After the copper boom, the export of grain permitted to reuse the port installations.

It is now a little resort place with 2300 inhabitants, where is located a mining museum.

The Pamir put there in 1932 ().

City Hall

Nautical museum

Primary school

Sonbern Lodge - 1914

Sonbern Lodge beach

Sonbern Lodge - 1914


The jetty

Villas and... grain silo


1932 (5)

2/3/1932 Wallaroo (4)


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